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National bank of Ukraine Strategy 2018-2020

The Mission, Vision and Values of the National Bank of Ukraine are outlined in the NBU’s main document, the Strategy of the National Bank of Ukraine. The strategy was first presented publicly on the 16th of March 2018, marking the first strategy document in the history of the independent central bank of Ukraine.

The NBU Strategy is a road map for the central bank to achieve the goals outlined within its own Mission, Vision and Values. The NBU will remain devoted to ensuring price and financial stability and fostering economic growth through cooperation with the financial sector.

The implementation of the Strategy includes seven development goals. Six of the seven are external and aim at meeting the needs of the stakeholders of the financial system. In order to deliver those goals, the central bank must have high institutional capacity, which is the internal (seventh) goal of the Strategy:

  1. Low and stable inflation
  2. Stable, transparent, and effective banking system
  3. Resumption of lending
  4. Effective regulation of the financial sector
  5. Free flow of capital
  6. Financial inclusion
  7. Modern, open, independent, and effective central bank

Implementing the central bank’s Strategy requires consistent actions to ensure these goals are achieved. The NBU identifies these goals in the Action Plan it prepares and publishes every year. This document outlines the specific actions and key activities of the NBU that are aimed at implementing the Strategy.